CAD Design Services

QTE specializes in CAD design services to assist in tool, jig, and fixture design, 2D to 3D CAD conversion, and inspection/reverse engineering, etc. We are mainly focused in military aerospace and commercial aerospace; however, our expertise is available for other industries.

QTE Specializes inCAD Design Certified Supplier to Boeing

3D CAD Solid Modeling

QTE provides years of experience and unmatched expertise in 3D solid modeling. We are experts in the creation of 3D solid modeling including fully constrained parametric 3D solid models as well as hybrid surface and solid models.

We can provide clients with 3D solid modeling design in Siemens NX (Unigraphics), Catia, SolidWorks and Autocad DWG file formats.

QTE Manufacturing Solutions is your AMERICAN outsource solution for 3D solid modeling design. We provide expert level 3D solid modeling and design to every industry. Our customers include both large and small engineering and manufacturing companies from the following industries:

  • Aircraft
  • Military
  • Ground Support
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • Product Design

Tooling, Jig, and Fixture CAD Design Services

Since 1985 QTE Manufacturing Solutions has specialized in assisting our customers in tooling, jigs and fixtures. Our team of experienced problem solvers can help with your company’s automation and workflow issues.

Our qualified personnel are specialized in the design of prototype parts and the development of all kinds of tooling, making or exceeding requirements. We use the latest CAD/CAM software for all the design and preparation of the manufacturing and assembly plans.

As a “Preferred Supplier” to Boeing Aircraft, QTE personnel are recognized as experts in tooling, jig and fixture design, and special machinery for the aircraft industry. Some of our specialty projects include:

  • Assembly jigs
  • Aerospace drilling tools jigs
  • Aersopace tooling
  • CNC tooling
  • Weld fixtures
  • Machining fixtures
  • Gages
  • Form Tools
  • Integrated work centers for conventional and automated tooling with access scaffolding and support services
  • Improvements/Enhancements of manual assembly tasks
  • Development of processes that optimize human performance through layouts of tooling and equipment and validation of human capabilities
  • Integration of conventional and automatic tooling

Engineering Design Services

QTE Manufacturing Solutions provides industry design engineers and CAD operators experienced in most fields and also capable of providing data in multiple 3D CAD software formats. This proven disciplined approach with real-world product development expertise will assist your company in meeting critical deadlines.

QTE design engineers have years of real-world experience and skills in several key 3D solid modeling CAD systems. Our staff is available to help in large and small projects, short-term or long-term, onsite or offsite – wherever they are needed.

QTE engineering design services offer:

  • 3D Solid Modeling
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Generating section views
  • Reverse engineering services
  • On-site and off-site work
  • Long-term or short-term projects
  • Expertise on 3D CAD/CAM software including:
    • SolidWorks®
    • Catia V5®
    • Siemens NX®(Unigraphics)
    • Mastercam®
  • Competitive rates for fast, efficient service

Inspection and Reverse Engineering Services

Inspection of parts and providing a measurement report is an essential part of today’s lean manufacturing world. Quality standards are higher than ever reducing production waste and costs as well as non-conformance which can lead to production down time.

QTE can provide part inspection and measurement reports that are essential in today’s lean manufacturing world and is a premier supplier of Verisurf software and Faro Arm technologies. QTE offers our clients inspection services and reverse engineering of their parts using this cutting edge solution.

In addition to standard reverse engineering services, QTE has developed a process to digitize parts from original 2D hand-drawn mylar drawings. The process includes converting 2D digitized data electronically to CAD data and then converting to 3D solid models.

2D to 3D Drawing Conversion Services

QTE provides customized solutions for 2D to 3D CAD conversions. QTE provides 2D to 3D transitions that are cost-effective as well as high in quality. Computer aided design conversions of 2D to 3D solid modeling deals with all phases of your project. QTE uses the latest standards and techniques 2D to 3D CAD conversions to develop your 3D CAD projects.

Services include:

  • Conversion of 2D drawing to 3D solid models.
  • Re-creating 2D Drawings and other legacy CAD data in new 3D format (i.e. Autocad to SolidWorks, UG NX, Catia, etc.)
  • Generating section views
  • 3D modeling of assemblies
  • Exploded view of assemblies
  • Creation of standard 3D web catalogs for your components
  • Model based definition annotations