Like its namesake, OCTOPUZ® has the reach and versatility to take interface simplicity and core power to a new level for optimal efficiency.

OCTOPUZ Applications

Ideal for any path-sensitive application, OCTOPUZ gives you all the tools you need; avoiding singularity, reach limitations and optimized external axis management.

Edge Following

waterjet • trimming • deburring • laser cutting
  • Tilt all positions forward or backward
  • Increase or decrease the number of path positions or spacing points
  • Compensate for tool width
  • Control cutting depths or stand offs for end of arm tooling


welding • plasma cutting • laser cladding • thermal spraying
  • Achieve full control of push angles
  • Generate single-step welding paths
  • Tilt all or part of the path to avoid collisions or add a bevel

Material Removal

2D machining • 3D multi-surface machining
  • Configure multiple angle settings
  • Set constant steps across a surface
  • Create remote tool center points for carrying parts to stationary tooling
  • Utilize high-speed toolpaths to increase accuracy and speed
  • Integrate roughing and finishing operations


pick and place • PLC • shop floor layout • advanced spray simulation
  • Replicate and test complex mechanical systems
  • Optimize part-handling operations
  • Visualize the shop floor processes from start to finish


dispensing • composite lay-up • spraying • welding
  • Refine spray pattern based nozzle distance from part
  • Control positions outside the process
  • Simulate and analyze material deposition and efficiency


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Why Choose Octopuz?

Octopuz is an intelligent
CAD-to-Path and offline robot programming solution capable of:

  • Easily programming, synchronizing and simulating multiple robots with their accessories
  • Programming and simulating complete process including machinery
  • Directly supporting paths from your CAM software
  • Offline robotic cell development and machine tending