New post request

Due to the complexity and wide variety of machines and controls, we ask that you complete the relevant areas of the following forms when requesting a post processor for a given machine. Completion of the relevant forms will allow us to keep the turnaround time of your request to a minimum. Often times, post assistance is delayed due to a lack of information and/or specifications needed to complete the process. Other times we are overwhelmed with extraneous data which takes large amounts of time to sort through only to find that the information really needed was not supplied.

To help us provide the best service possible, please complete only those pages that pertain to your given machine type. It is very beneficial for each post request to include complete “G-code” and “M-code” lists and canned cycle information (if applicable). Sample NC code files with examples of start of file, tool changes, coolant on/off, cutter compensation, arcs and canned cycles will also assist in reducing development and testing time. We may contact you if more information is required to process your request.

In most cases we can accurately quote custom post processor development through informal discussion/communication; however, we require the completion of this form along with a purchase order prior to starting the development process. The typical turnaround time for a custom post processor is 2-3 weeks from the completion date of this form and purchase order. The delivered product may still require additional post edits, included with the custom development, which will require testing and feedback on your end. These subsequent edits will fall under the post modification process.

QTE will deliver a post processor along with posted code from one of our standard sample parts to test the functionality and accuracy of the post. It is the customer’s responsibility to review and test the code for accuracy prior to running in the machine. Any changes needed need to be documented and provided to QTE per the post modification process.

Please return the completed form to [email protected] or fax to 636-300-0561.

Download Post Request Form