• Technology is always moving forward to be more efficient
  • Translators from other software packages change year to year
  • Software defects are corrected
  • Software enhancements, new features and more efficient tool paths result in faster throughput and higher machine utilization
  • Ability to protect the investment in software and hardware
  • Less expensive to maintain than purchase multi version upgrades down the road
  • Receive expert help and advice on how to utilize tools for profitability
  • Your competitors are doing it, do you want to be left behind?

Software maintenance has become necessary to keep your business competitive. Technology is always moving forward. Not only are there improvements within the software year over year, related software and operating systems change and the built in translators to handle the new data formats from other software packages become necessary.

It's hard to maintain customer relationships when you tell customers that your company can't complete work because your software is not the latest version. The opposite is true with software maintenance, as your company will be able to utilize the newest tools and improvements to complete the work more efficiently. The opportunity cost is the work or projects you are not able to currently pursue. The easiest way for manufacturing companies to increase profitability is to increase throughput, and the latest software can provide the edge over competitors. Software updates provide the efficiency gains to the entire department, while physical upgrades such as new machine tools only provide the gain in that one segment. It's possible the biggest impact for your business could be through more productive and efficient software.

Software is only half of the program, at QTE we are committed to your success, and our Maintenance and Support package combines the software feature updates with our world class support. As a maintenance and support subscriber, your company has unlimited access to our application engineers to answer your questions via phone, email, and web meetings. With our expertise we can provide application assistance to ensure you complete your work on-time. Our application engineers not only have extensive software knowledge, they also have applicable manufacturing experience.

Maintaining your software is the economical choice, as you are able to avoid large update fees related to out of date software. The annual maintenance and support is a value driven package to keep your company using the sharpest tools available and lower the overall total cost of ownership of our products.