Tool Axis Control and Safety Zones in Mastercam – Tech Tip

Tech - Tip Video

To consolidate controls and improve workflows and user experience, Multiaxis Drill and Circle Mill toolpaths have been removed from Mastercam 2020. There is now multiaxis capability with the Helix Bore, Thread Mill, 2D Drill, and 2D Circle Mill toolpaths. This can all be accessed through the Tool Axis Control page.

Tool Axis Control

Safety Zones allows you to define the shape and size of the area to control retracts. Mastercam creates an avoidance region that the tool will not violate. This will prevent collisions with stock or fixtures giving you added confidence in your toolpath.

Safety Zones

The controls described here are part of the Mastercam Multi-Axis license. If you are interested in learning more about Mastercam Multi-Axis, please call 877-429-5708 or click here to fill out this form and a Mastercam expert will contact you.


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