Instead of a traditional release event, QTE has created this page as your go-to for Verisurf 2022. Visit Verisurf's release page for a more in-depth presentation of the latest improvements. 

Current Verisurf users can click here to download the latest version.

What's New Highlights

Auto-Generate Path for Features

In Automate mode, the CMM path is automatically generated as features are added to the plan.


Find or Select Features from the Graphics Window

Quickly search, highlight, and “go-to” features in the Automate Manager and graphics window.


CMM Collision Detection

Simulate CMM paths to detect collisions and perform corrections with dynamic clearance-point editing.


Additional Feature Extraction Options

Use feature zone display and pre-selection of features to fine-tune the extraction of data from the inspection plan.


Enhanced Data Extraction

Pre-filter data using CAD entities enables multi-step alignment and data extraction to automate cross-section analysis.


MBD to Plan

Automate inspection plan creation by automatically applying associative tolerances and feature control frames to the plan and reports.


Model-Based Definition (MBD) for Meshes

Create intelligent meshes that can be used to inspect additive-manufactured parts. Extends MBD analysis to meshes, including thickness analysis on measured meshes.


E57 File Support

Read and write massive datasets from large volume terrestrial scanners in E57 format.


Block Segment Point Cloud

Simplifies editing of massive datasets by segmenting data into manageable blocks facilitating extraction, fitting, analysis, and meshing.


Fast Point Cloud Processing

The real-time scanning acquisition rate now exceeds two million points per second.


Clipping Plane for Scanning Devices

Real-time point-cloud clipping provides cleaner scan data, resulting in less editing to remove unwanted data.


Projection Filter for Point Clouds and Meshes

Enables rapid removal of erroneous data using filter zones based on the CAD geometry.


2D Cross Section Analysis

Visualize the profile-deviation outline and tolerance bands in the graphics window.


Quick Drift-Analysis

Quickly determines whether the part, tool, or device has moved. The most common causes for movement are temperature change, harmonics, and physical contact.


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