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Adding CIMCO probing has helped us in so many ways from setting complicated offsets to inspecting parts as they run and being able to automatically re-cut tight tolerance features has been a big game changer for us. Sam is always super helpful and always does his best to come up with a solution or fix.

QTE does a great job training. I had a great time in my 2D Advanced Mill and 3D Mill training and learned a lot of information in both classes. Taking the Mastercam training courses has definitely impacted my programming skills. I am a lot more comfortable with the software. During my 3D class with had extra time on our last day so Kyle and Matt showed us the Faro Arm and the capabilities that it has.

We have had a great relationship with QTE over the past 10+ years. Mastercam does a good job for helping us to produce good quality parts. Whenever we have post issues or software questions, the QTE team is able to help to resolve the issues in a timely manner. They always put their customers first. Thanks for being awesome.

I've been to multiple Mastercam classes at QTE and have had good experiences. Mastercam has definitely sped up the production of parts. The time from quote to machining parts keeps improving. Have had good experiences with having QTE tweak difficult post, with multiple macros for deep hole drilling cycles.

We have had an excellent experience with QTE! Using Verisurf software with our CMM assets has been very beneficial for my company with timely scanning and reporting. Everything from using auto inspect with easily created plans, to quick reporting. The QTE team has always been flexible and willing to help with all issues and questions in a timely matter. Matt Wilson has been incredibly helpful with all questions and concerns, and has helped personally with tricky set ups and alignments. He is great to work with and very knowledgeable.

While hosting the project MFG competition the QTE team was here and willing to help with any technical issues. Justin Paterson has been a great resource. Having the Verisurf arms and software has allowed students more hands-on time with the inspection arms.

QTE has a great staff that been very helpful for me in this industry. Justin Patterson is really awesome and is great with the classes. He was able to meet me where I was (new) yet still teach the others (veterans). The software is excellent for netting time and is very user friendly.

Lots of knowledge at QTE. Jeff aligned us with the right licensing and answered all our questions. Mastercam has definitely helped improve our efficiency!

We use Mastercam daily to program thermoform and injection molds and it is still a good solution for us. However, Mastercam for Solidworks was a much better solution since we have developed methods to incorporate design and programming to expedite the overall manufacturing process. When we first opened our tool shop (about 6 years ago) QTE sent out an Applications Engineer for a week. Mark was very helpful in teaching people that were new to Mastercam.

QTE always delivers on what they have promised. Mastercam has always been a reliable software, with minimal issues that are always quickly resolved. I walked past my instructor on our flight to ICT from the IMTS last year, and he remembered who I was!

QTE has been a great partner in helping SWIC and us incorporate Mastercam into our machining curriculum. By teaching Mastercam to our students we are able to train them on the same software used in industry. This gives our students an advantage over other schools because they require less on the job training. We are very happy with everything you have done for us.

Currently we create modifications on our machined castings this requires precise positioning and tool position control. We utilize Mastercam to create our programs and control tool position during processing. The software increases our efficiency and improves accuracy. Many times I communicate with QTE because I suffer from Old Man Disease. Can't remember stuff. QTE has always been very responsive to our needs.

The whole experience of purchasing Mastercam was very smooth. They were a lot of help to make sure we had everything we needed to fulfill our needs. We are now making parts more efficiently with the help of Mastercam. QTE has been great to work with. Great customer service!

Mastercam makes manufacturing easier and allows very fast production. Anytime i have an issue QTE always help and respond very fast to ensure that production is not slowed down. Best training for Mastercam I have received.

Overall my experience with QTE has been positive. Anytime I send in for help the response has been relatively quick, and my questions are answered. All the staff I have worked with over the past few years are super knowledgeable make answering my questions look easy. Mastercam has been essential in running our Okuma mills. it is much easier and quicker to use Mastercam instead of using the machine controller.





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