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Mastercam Training and Verisurf Training Solutions

QTE’s Training Philosophy

We provide you and your team with specific curriculum designed by our internal experts and experienced machinists. Our Mastercam and Verisurf training programs are designed for you to learn the core concepts through live instruction, student exercises, and proficiency tests.

Upon completion of our classes, students have been exposed to the broad curriculum to see the full process but given ample opportunity to perform detail tasks to return to work and increase productivity.

Our classes are taught in state of the art facilities with new equipment and resources to ensure a positive distraction free learning environment. We are confident in our student’s success, and we offer a guarantee on our training.

Mastercam Training Calendar & Registration

We are committed to training industry CNC programers. Check out the Mastercam Training Calendar below. Classes are offered in multiple cities selected to minimize travel expenses for our customers and we also offer virtual options. QTE is an authorized Mastercam Training Center with certified instructors with real world machining experience. We are the CAD/CAM software experts. QTE offers various Mastercam training classes based on the core modules of the software. Each class is designed to efficiently train participants for industry challenges and applications.

After locating an appropriate training class on the calendar, complete the registration form below to reserve a spot. The calendar event details share information about the location and available spots. If a class is full, please complete the registration form and you will be placed on the waitlist. If you have any questions please give us a call at 877-429-5708 or email

You will need to enter your MAIT code for validation if you are part of our Mastercam All Inclusive Training Program. If you are registering for a class already purchased, please select “Existing Purchase Order” option. If you are issuing a new Purchase order or will pay via credit card, please select the appropriate option in the payment section.

After we process your training registration (usually within 1-2 business days), you will receive a confirmation email. We will also send a reminder email one week and a couple of days before the class start date with additional class details.

Mastercam Training Class Pricing (For those not on MAIT): 

  • Mill 2D – $1,500
  • Mill Advanced 2D – $500
  • Mill 3D – $1,000
  • Mill Multi-Axis – $1,000
  • Lathe – $1,000
  • Mill-Turn – $500

Mastercam All-Inclusive Training Program (MAIT)

QTE is committed to igniting American manufacturing and as a result we have created the Mastercam All-Inclusive Training Program. Many of our customers are dealing with the skills gap and struggling to find talent to keep their machines running efficiently. With the MAIT, companies are able to enroll any employees, to any scheduled training classes, in any of our locations! This is an industry first! If you hire new employees or want to cycle different people through the class, they are all eligible under this program!



The classes described here are part of our regularly scheduled training series. We offer training for Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS, Mastercam Wire, and Verisurf Inspection by request. We also offer customized training to meet your needs.


Mill 2D Class Overview

This 3-day hands on course is delivered live in one of the QTE training facilities or virtual. It is the base level class for our Mastercam training due to material covered regarding the Mastercam interface, general drawing and modeling techniques and a deeper discussion of Mastercam and machining basics.

The focus is on manipulation of geometry and generation of 2D mill toolpaths.

Students are given the fundamentals to return to work and be able to program related parts effectively. At the end of the class students are given a skills test that comprehensively covers the lessons of the class. 

Mill 2D Class Details

  • Mastercam environment overview
  • Mastercam programming and machining process overview
  • Basic 2D CAD geometry functions
  • Import CAD drawings and models
  • Job setup techniques using WCS
  • Application of 2D Toolpaths:
    • Dynamic Motion and traditional toolpaths
    • Facing
    • Contour
    • Pocket
    • Drilling operations
    • Geometry Analyze and Verification
  • Toolpath Verification
  • Feature Based Machining Toolpaths
  • Toolpath Editing
  • Machining of Solids


Solids Class Overview

This 1-day hands-on course is delivered live in one of the QTE training facilities or virtual. This class focuses on the Mastercam geometry techniques including, 3D wireframe, solid modeling, and solid model prep for machining.

This class is designed to present students with modeling skills need to pass the Mastercam Professional Certification test. The students must have passed the 2D Mill Machining skills test to attend. It is also recommended that the student has spent several weeks using Mastercam to create geometry.

Solids Class Details

  • Solids from 2D Geometry
  • Applied Solids Features
  • 3D Wireframe
  • Planes Review
  • Revolved Solids
  • Solids Sweep
  • Solids Loft
  • Solids Boolean Operations
  • Solids Model Prep for Machining
  • Solids Layout and Drafting


Advanced Mill 2D Class Overview

This 2-day hands on course is delivered live in one of the QTE training facilities or virtual and covers specialty functions that will make a Mastercam user exceptional.

The goal of the lessons are to provide the specialized experience to allow a student to be able to become a Mastercam Certified Professional.

Pre-requisites include Mastercam 2D Mill Machining and actual experience using Mastercam in industry.

Advanced Mill 2D Class Details

  • WCS Refresher
  • Plane creation and utilization
  • Efficient use of levels
  • View Sheets
  • Adding fixtures, vises, and other visual displays
  • Use of Dynamic toolpaths and proven theory
  • Introduction to Machine Simulation
  • 4x indexing programming and 3+2 5x machining
  • Horizontal machining overview
  • Mastercam Tool Manager
  • Single surface 3D Machining
  • Solid model preparation tools
  • Nesting tools
  • Detailed Operations Manager functions


Mill 3D Class Overview

This 2-day hands on course is delivered live in one of the QTE training facilities or virtual. The focus is on the proper selection and parameter definition of the different 3D toolpaths.

Focus is on 3D geometry preparation, manipulation and creation of 3D toolpaths. Students of Mastercam or Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS may attend this class.

Pre-requisite: Mastercam Mill 2D training class

Mill 3D Class Details

  • Manipulating Imported Surface / Solids Models
  • Stock Model Usage
  • Solid Model Import
  • 3D Toolpath Selection and Application
  • The use of Tool Boundaries
  • Specialized Toolpaths
  • 3D Toolpath Editing


Multi-Axis Class Overview

This 2-day hands on course is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge necessary to use Mastercam 4 & 5 Axis toolpaths. Students are expected to have strong working knowledge of Mill 2D and 3D programming to expand their skills into 5 axis programming.

We will work through examples and discuss 5 axis programming theory and the various applications. Discussion and demonstrations of when to use different parameters and toolpaths is a main focus.

Multi-Axis Class Details

  • Understand and utilize 4/5 axis positional programming (Indexing or Tombstone)
  • Understand and apply Axis Substitution for 4 Axis Machining
  • Classic Mastercam 5 axis toolpaths
  • Wireframe 5 axis toolpaths
  • Surface/Solid 5 axis toolpaths
  • Drill 5 axis
  • Circle Mill 5 axis
  • Cavity Tilt Curve


Lathe Class Overview

This is a 2-day hands on course designed to provide the fundamental knowledge necessary to use Mastercam Lathe efficiently. Focus is on manipulation of geometry and generation of Lathe toolpaths.

This class picks up from where the Mill 2D Machining class stops, which is where we cover the Mastercam interface, toolpath basics, modeling/geometry tools, and general machining parameters.

Lathe Class Details

  • Creation of Two Dimensional Geometry for Lathe Applications
  • Understand Basic Job Set-Up
  • Select Stock
  • Machine/ Control Definition
  • Additional 2D Geometry Creation
  • Select Material Library for Speeds and Feeds
  • How to Apply Roughing, Finishing, Grooving, Threading and Cut-Off Toolpaths
  • Chucking Applications
  • Apply Bar Feed Applications
  • Stock Advance
  • Stock Flipping
  • Shaft and Tailstock Applications
  • Stock Transfer from One Spindle to Another
  • Saving Tool Path Operations


Advanced Lathe Class Overview

This on demand web-based course is designed to provide the advanced knowledge necessary to use Mastercam Lathe efficiently.

You will have access to prerecorded video that focuses on manipulation of geometry and generation of advanced Lathe toolpaths. C and Y axis programming, Layouts, Planes, Mill-Turn (Single Stream) and more.

This class picks up from where the Lathe Machining class stops, which is where we cover the Mastercam interface, lathe toolpath basics, modeling/geometry tools, and general machining parameters.

Advanced Lathe Class Details

This is on demand training delivered by a QTE Manufacturing Solutions industry expert. You will have access to the online lessons for 5 weeks after registration.

During that time you will have access to live remote assistance from our of our experts.  This class is only available to QTE MAIT program subscribers. Learn more about MAIT.

  • C-Y Lathes
    • Live Tooling
    • C Axis
  • Single stream Mill-Turn programming
    • B Axis Head
    • Tool Changer
    • Indexable turning tools
  • Layouts
    • Upper turret / B spindle
    • Lower with or without live tooling
    • Main spindle
    • Sub spindle
    • Tailstock
  • Lathe and mill toolpaths
    • Use Dynamic toolpaths
    • Face Dynamic
    • OD Dynamic
  • Introduction to plane layouts
  • Types of operations, stock transfer, pickoff, pickoff-pull-partoff, tailstock advance


Wire Class Overview

This 1-day hands on course is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge necessary to use Mastercam Wire efficiently. Focus is on manipulation of geometry and generation of Wire EDM toolpaths including 4-axis and taper toolpaths.

Students are expected to be knowledgeable of wire machining principles and be comfortable with the Mastercam interface.

Wire Class Details

  • 2D Geometry Contour
  • 2D Multi Contour
  • 3D Geometry and 4-Axis Wirepath
  • Punch and Die Created From the Same Work Piece
  • Multiple Tabs
  • No Core Wirepath


Verisurf Inspection Class Overview

This 2-day hands on course is designed to provide the core training to utilize the 3 step inspection process of Align, Inspect, Report within Verisurf. Participants will be led by live instruction and complete exercises to solidify the concepts taught.

Participants are given opportunities to inspect their own parts or utilize our sample parts within the exercises. Classes are scheduled on a per company basis due the nature of inspection and the related equipment necessary for properly training students.

We strongly recommend limiting two participates to an inspection device to provide adequate time for the lab exercises.

A one day add-on course is available for the Verisurf Reverse engineering module. Please contact us for more details.

Verisurf Inspection Class Details

  • Device/Software basics
  • Auto alignment
  • Inspecting to a CAD model
  • Inspecting to a print
  • Reporting – creating and generating reports
  • All lessons are hands-on and include student exercises


Mastercam Mill-Turn Class Overview

This 1-day workshop will demonstrate how to set up and customize the Mastercam Mill-Turn Environment. It will cover everything from understanding the module itself to simulation and posting code.

Discussions will include but not be limited to job setup, custom tool locators and jaws creation, synchronizing between the upper and lower turret and machine simulation.

Toolpathing will not be covered.

Mastercam Mill-Turn Class Details

  • Job Setup,
  • Custom Tool Locators and Jaws Creation
  • Synchronizing Between the Upper and Lower Turret
  • Machine Simulation

Training Testimonials

Justin is an awesome trainer and really knows Mastercam. I feel like if we ever have any problems QTE will be there to keep us rolling. Being pretty green to Mastercam I felt like I took a lot away from this class.

Justin provided a wonderful venue for interactive learning. Justin went above and beyond to ensure that each student had the opportunity to discuss and apply the knowledge to real life trade specific/shop specific challenges. His interactive teaching style and personality lends well to enhancing the value added expectations of the learning opportunity. Well Done, Sir

Justin does an outstanding job thoroughly covering the course work. Additional interactive discussion and strategic problem solving is particularly valuable. His experience is self-evident and speaks for itself during the entire presentation…class was a great work and much appreciated.

I really enjoyed how personal and informative the class was, if I had any questions John would assist without hesitation. He was very knowledgeable in his work, and I felt confident learning the material from John. I will be returning to continue to expand my knowledge.

Mastercam Training Centers

Mastercam training classes are held at our headquarters or at partner locations. Below are the typical locations of our training classes; however, some classes are held at alternative locations. Please check the calendar details and your class registration emails for confirmation of the class location.

St. Louis Mastercam Training Center

Wichita Mastercam Training Center

QTE Manufacturing Solutions

820 Westwood Industrial Park Drive, St. Charles, MO 63304

Hartwig Wichita

4959 Lulu Ct # 20, Wichita, KS 67216

Nashville Mastercam Training Center

Knoxville Mastercam Training Center

Ellison Technologies Nashville

7118 Crossroads Blvd, Brentwood, TN 37027

Yamazen Inc.

10231 Cogdill Rd, Knoxville, TN 37932


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