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Most CAD/CAM users are familiar with the CIMCO Editor that comes packaged with Mastercam; however, CIMCO Edit is just the beginning of the powerful shop floor communication products available.

CIMCO Software offers solutions for Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Industry 4.0. This includes a suite of products of advanced CNC editors, simulation software, DNC communication software, Manufacturing Data Collection (machine monitoring) and Production Data Management solutions. QTE is a CIMCO Solution Provider and is ready to help improve your shop floor processes.

CIMCO Edit Professional


Professional, featured rich CNC editor

With over 80,000 licenses distributed in the past few years CIMCO Edit is the most popular CNC program editor on the market. CIMCO Edit is easy to use and includes powerful features like file compare, NC-Assistant, backplot, solid simulation and DNC capabilities to improve the productivity of CNC programmers. Specialized add-ons are available for viewing Mazatrol files, working with 2D CAD/CAM and 3D machine simulation.

  • Essential editing GCode tools
  • Faster editing with NC-Assist
  • Graphical Backplotter and solid simulation
  • Intelligent file compare
  • Basic DNC capabilities

Key Features

  • Handling of Large CNC Programs
  • File Type Specific Configurations
  • DNC RS-232 Communications
  • Side-by-Side File Compare
  • Support for Mazatrol Files
  • 3D Mill/2D Lathe Open-GL Backplotter
  • Save NC Backplots as DXF Files
  • See more

How-To Videos

There are multiple videos on how to utilize the key features of CIMCO Edit Professional. Check them out and learn something new!

Alternatively you can check out the CIMCO Edit User Guide.

CIMCO Machine Simulation


Eliminate costly programming mistakes

CIMCO Machine Simulation helps eliminate costly programming mistakes and accelerates onsite startup by providing a price competitive and user-friendly solution for CNC machine simulation.

Machine Simulation enables you to prove-out your NC code on a 3D model of your CNC machine and see the exact movement of components such as heads, rotary tables, spindles, tool changers, fixtures, workpieces, and even peripheral devices. Collisions, over-travel errors, and close-calls are automatically detected to ensure that error-free code is sent to the physical machine.

Key Features

  • Eliminate costly programming mistakes
  • Increase shop safety
  • Accelerate onsite startup
  • Reduce downtime, scrap and rework
  • Faster iterations
  • Optimize toolpaths
  • Faster shifting of jobs between available machines
  • Train at the PC instead of at the machine
  • Utilize the powerful functionality in CIMCO Edit
  • Affordable and user-friendly
  • See more

How-To Videos

There are multiple videos on how to utilize the key features of CIMCO Simulation. Check them out and learn something new!

Alternatively you can check out the CIMCO Simulation Setup and Configuration Guide.

Mastercam Integration

Transfer tool, holder and geometry data directly from Mastercam 

Transfer tool, holder and geometry data directly from Mastercam

CIMCO Edit Integration for Mastercam enables users to seamlessly transfer tool, holder and geometry data directly from Mastercam to CIMCO Edit making it available for use in CIMCO Machine Simulation or Backplot.

Key Features

The CIMCO Edit Integration provides an easy-to-use dialog that allows the user to select geometry, workpiece and fixture, enter a position for the selected geometry and which machine to use in CIMCO Machine Simulation.

Every time data is transferred, all geometry is automatically exported to STL models and imported in CIMCO Edit – something that would otherwise be a manual process. Make a small adjustment in Mastercam and easily update CIMCO Machine Simulation or the Backplot in CIMCO Edit.

Download the Mastercam Integration

Give it a try and download the integration.

To get started checkout the Install and User Guide.



DNC Communication for CNCs, Robots, PLCs

For over a decade CIMCO DNC-Max has been the leading DNC solution by which all others must be compared. From its best-in-class client/server architecture to its unmatched configurability and scalability. DNC-Max meets the requirement of both small shops and corporate enterprises with thousands of machines in multiple remote facilities.

Key Features

DNC-Max provides end-to-end functionality designed to make every aspect of CNC communications more reliable and efficient.

DNC-Max is for customers who demand performance, flexibility and reliability. Whether your solution is for a small shop with a few CNCs or a corporate solution for hundreds of machines in multiple remote facilities, DNC-Max is the proven solution.

DNC-Max meets or exceeds the functionality and flexibility of any other DNC application on the market. DNC-Max is the obvious choice for any size CNC operation.

  • Client/Server architecture
  • Power PC Client + Web Client
  • Seamless integration with CIMCO Edit
  • Advanced remote control
  • Compatible with RS232, Ethernet, Wireless machines
  • See more

Documentation Guides

Check out the online documentation from CIMCO.



The professional choice for CNC Program Management

CIMCO NC-Base is a CNC program management tool that allows you to organize and manage your CNC programs and related production documents.

Management of part programs and associated production documents is often a time consuming task for CNC programmers and operators. CIMCO NC-Base takes care of that job and goes one step further. By providing an integrated and highly flexible management, search and editing environment, programmers and operators are guaranteed to work more effectively.

Key Features

  • Powerful SQL Database Engine
  • Comprehensive Search Functionality
  • Customizable Data Fields
  • Production Document Management
  • File Templates
  • Approval, Locking, Version and Backup Controls
  • User/Group Management
  • DNC Communication integrated with DNC-Max and Edit
  • Automated Import
  • Import Queue for intelligent file compare
  • See more

Documentation Guides

Check out the online documentation from CIMCO.


Manufacturing Document Management

Manage, review, transfer manufacturing documents

CIMCO MDM is the total document management solution for organizing and managing all of your manufacturing related documents. Securely stored in a single data location and easily available to users in your organization – on the shopfloor, in the office or remotely across multiple facilities.

MDM is scalable, fully customizable and integrates with your existing setup to enable paperless shopfloor operation. Restrict access to documents for users and machines, transfer files to/from machines, define status-driven workflows, generate reports and easily backup/restore documents with the built-in versioning system.

MDM integrates with all your existing applications such as editors, DNC and MDC systems and additionally provides seamless integration with CAD/CAM systems from leading vendors.

Key Features

  • Save time and avoid costly mistakes
  • Secure document management
  • Reports and automated production documents
  • Paperless shop floor
  • Compatible with you structure
  • Client / Server architecture
  • Software integration including Mastercam
  • User and group management
  • Web Client
  • Workflows
  • See more

Documentation Guides

Check out the online documentation from CIMCO.



Manufacturing Data Collection (MDC) and Monitoring

CIMCO MDC-Max is the complete MDC solution that enables automatic collection of manufacturing data from machines and personnel in real-time. MDC-Max provides accurate data for identifying causes of production loss, potential areas of improvement and enables real-time monitoring of your shop floor for continuous improvement.

Generate reports and charts with automatic calculation of OEE, cycle time, idle time, setup time, downtime and more. MDC-Max features real-time machine monitoring with Live Screens and has a fully customizable Operator interface for entering downtime reasons directly at the machine.

MDC-Max can benefit the one man operation with a few machines and the corporate enterprise with multiple factories. The MDC-Max software is highly flexible and easily customized to fit your current and future data collection needs. Since MDC-Max is a networked solution that stores data on a central server you can monitor production from multiple locations and access the data from anywhere.

CIMCO MDC-Max tracks reasons for machine down time

A large aerospace contractor was concerned that their production was not keeping up with demand and had made the decision to buy several additional machines. It was suggested that they check the runtime clocks on the machines for a week to see how much production time was being achieved. They were astonished to find that their machine utilization was below 50% but could not get an accurate picture of why this was happening.

CIMCO MDC-Max was installed to monitor the machines along with bar code readers for the operators to swipe downtime codes. MDC highlighted several problems in production, two of which were poor maintenance response and failure to replace tooling quickly enough to get the machine back in production.

Following the MDC-Max installation the customer implemented several measures including a priority system for maintenance and availability of new pre-set tools. They now achieve overall machine utilization of over 68% and meet their production targets which has increased profitability so they can now invest in a new plant.

Key Features

  • Improved efficiency
  • Accurate data collection
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Real-time and historic reports
  • Reduce administration time
  • Access data anywhere
  • Downtime Tracking
  • OEE Calculation
  • KPI Tracking
  • Security / User Management
  • Integration with external system / ERP / MES
  • See more

Documentation Guides

Check out the online documentation from CIMCO.

CIMCO Probing



Probing can help improve the machining process in many ways, but is often underused due to the challenges and awkwardness of having to use external software, manually edit NC programs or add probing cycles through the CNC control interface.

CIMCO Probing is a fully integrated add-on for Mastercam that addresses all of these issues by making probing an integrated and natural part of the Mastercam programming process. CIMCO Probing helps improve the quality of parts, increases productivity and reduces setup-time and manual processes. Easily program your machining center’s spindle-mounted touch probe directly in Mastercam the same way you program toolpaths. CIMCO Probing generates machine-independant g-code that is inserted directly into the NC program and can be customized to work with any kind of probe.

Before machining, CIMCO Probing lets you utilize your CNC touch probe to ensure correct setup of the stock material in the machine – every time. During machining, CIMCO Probing can measure the geometry of the semi-finished part and dynamically compensate for topographic irregularities. It can even stop the machine if a specified tolerance is exceeded. The finished part can be measured automatically at the machine to verify its dimensions before the part is unclamped.

Key Features

  • Predefined probe cycles
  • Surface probing
  • Seamlessly integrated for Mastercam
  • Simulation of probe cycles
  • Multiple brand support for Renishaw, Blum, MARPOSS, etc.
  • See more

Documentation Guides

At QTE we have developed a CIMCO Probing getting started guide to walk you through the process to implement CIMCO Probing in your company.

More info from CIMCO’s website can found here.


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