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To enhance your Mastercam productivity and experience there are multiple add-on tools available:

Probing Solutions

Probing can help improve the machining process in many ways, but is often underused due to the challenges and awkwardness of having to use external software, manually edit NC programs or add probing cycles through the CNC control interface.

CIMCO Probing

CIMCO probing is designed to boost accuracy and efficiency in your workflow. With CIMCO Probing, you can seamlessly set work offsets and perform in-process measurements for part inspections. This allows you to maintain the highest levels of production quality while saving time and reducing errors.

Renishaw Productivity +

With Productivity+, you can elevate your productivity levels by automating routine tasks, reducing programming time, and minimizing machine downtime. It’s not just an add-on, it’s a comprehensive solution that facilitates real-time monitoring of your operations, providing you with valuable insights to optimize your processes.

CIMCO Edit Professional

CIMCO Edit is the most popular CNC program editor on the market. CIMCO Edit is easy to use and includes powerful features like file compare, NC-Assistant, backplot, solid simulation and DNC capabilities to improve the productivity of CNC programmers. Specialized add-ons are available for viewing Mazatrol files, working with 2D CAD/CAM and 3D machine simulation.

Paired with the Mastercam Integration it makes a seamless experience between programming and shop floor review. 

Setup Sheets

Mastercam Setup Sheets offer a comprehensive platform to manage, organize, and streamline your machining operations. Acting as the central hub for your project, the setup sheets allow you to collate crucial data including tool lists, operation details, and part geometry, all in a user-friendly and intuitive interface.


Experience the power of comprehensive management with X+ for Mastercam, a revolutionary Mastercam add-on designed to optimize your workflow. X+ enables you to quickly and efficiently manage your setup sheets, tool lists, and operation details all in one place. With user-friendly interfaces and an intuitive design, X+ drastically reduces time and effort spent on setup preparation.

Thee Byte

Thee Byte Software is a company that offers add-ons and extensions for the computer-aided design and manufacturing software, Mastercam. These add-ons and extensions provide additional functionality and automation for various tasks within Mastercam, such as merging files, creating toolpaths, and importing and manipulating geometry. Thee Byte Software also offers customization and development services for clients who have specific needs or challenges they wish to address through software solutions.

CAD Translators

With our state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Design (CAD) translators, you can seamlessly convert and manipulate your 3D data across various CAD platforms. Compatible with industry-leading solutions, our CAD translators support Mastercam and MoldPlus, providing you with the flexibility you need in today’s fast-paced design environment.

Moldplus 5x tool kit

Specifically designed for enhanced functionality and integration with Mastercam, this toolkit amplifies your creation capabilities, bringing your most complex design concepts to life with ease and precision. The Mastercam MoldPlus 5 Axis Toolkit not only enhances your design process, but it also dramatically reduces the time taken from conception to completion. It eradicates the risk of costly manual errors and refines the overall quality of your output.

Blade Expert

Generating toolpaths for impellers, fans, and marine propellers is a complex 5-axis challenge. Machining these multibladed shapes usually requires special multistep, multiaxis programming, but Mastercam Blade Expert provides a comprehensive solution for various blade configurations. The interface follows the Mastercam standard used by all Multiaxis toolpaths, ensuring a short learning curve and successful deployment.

Port Expert

Mastercam Port Expert facilitates toolpath generation for CNC cylinder head porting. It is a fast and easy-to-use software for creating multiaxis toolpaths within cylinder head ports, complex tubes, or deep pockets. This software creates accurate, efficient porting motion on surface patches or solid body data. It minimizes unnecessary motion at the machine, which results in a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality.

Additional Products & Services

QTE offers additional products and services to improve data collection and utilization throughout manufacturing. Check out our solutions for:

CIMCO MDM (Manufacturing Document Management)

CIMCO MDM is an advanced solution that effectively manages and organizes your manufacturing data, offering an efficient system to optimize your production workflow. It ensures streamlined access to vital data, including CAD/CAM files, setup sheets, tool lists, and job documentation, thereby enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime.

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CIMCO MDC (Machine Data Collection)

CIMCO MDC (Machine Data Collection) is a powerful solution that offers real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection. Its functionality enhances operational efficiency by providing crucial insights into machine status, performance analytics, and enabling swift problem identification and resolution.

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TDM System (Tool Data Management)

Tool Data Management (TDM) Systems, in conjunction with Mastercam integration, offer a comprehensive solution for streamlining and optimizing machine shop operations. They ensure efficient workflow by maintaining a uniform database for cutting tools, reducing machine downtimes, shortening setup times, and allowing for direct part programming, ultimately fostering a productive and transparent operation.

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APlus Software

Partnering with CAMufacturing Solutions, Inc., Mastercam has an Add-On for Additive Manufacturing (AM) in Mastercam. Using the same interface Mastercam users are familiar with, APlus customers can program, backplot, and simulate their 3D printing scenarios just like they would with traditional toolpaths in Mastercam.

  • Used with Mastercam Mill, Lathe, or Router licenses except for Entry.
  • Generate Additive Manufacturing toolpaths.
  • Visualize the additive and machining outcome.
  • Great for R&D, repair work on existing parts, and creation of parts.


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