Post processor information

QTE’s experience of 35 years has shown us that there is seldom a perfect library post processor since nearly every customer desires some form of Post modification. This is usually due to individual CNC machine parameters, different company standards or operator preferences. Each post processor in our library has been modified to meet a customer specification and when a new modification is made the file is added to our library. Since each customer often requests a slightly different modification, the library post may not be perfect for your machine. Due to this we have established the following Post Processor Policy to clarify for all of our customers. If you have any questions contact us at [email protected] or 877-429-5708.

Standard Post Processor Information:

  • QTE provides standard post processors from our library, free of charge with your purchase of Mastercam software from QTE.
  • standard post processor means a common 3 axis mill, 2 axis lathe or a wire EDM machine.
  • standard post processor will create the typical operations of a CNC machine, which includes NC code that will start, run, perform tool change, and stop your machine using our standard post processor part. (We use our standard post processor part to expedite the modification cycle).
  • QTE will include post processor modifications as required to get your machine to run the standard post processor part NC code.
    • Modifications will be limited to 2 editing sessions by QTE support team. The sample code will need to be marked up with the desired edits by the customer. If it requires more than 2 markups, a custom post processor will be quoted.
    • The modification process will be expedited if the customer provides a proven NC program that includes the operations to start, run, perform tool changes and stop the machine as desired.
    • Canned cycles will be used when possible unless heavy customization is involved. Heavy customization will require a custom post processor quote.
    • QTE Maintenance customers who originally purchased their Mastercam software from QTE are eligible for standard posts for machines they purchase in the future at no charge as long as they maintain their maintenance service.

Custom Post Processor Information:

  • All custom post processors will require an individual quote and could require the completion of the Post Processor Request Form.
  • All Multi-Axis mill and lathe post processors will require a custom post processor at additional charge and maintenance fee.
  • Special functions such as Deep hole peck cycles, probing, macro, complicated canned cycles, sub-programs or other specialty functions not in the QTE standard post processor part will require a custom post processor.

New Post Request

Post Processor Edit Information:

In order for QTE to make necessary post processor modifications in accordance with our post processor policy, it is important we receive the requested information identified below. Post modifications are typically completed within 1-2 weeks from the time all necessary information is received.

As previously mentioned, two rounds of edits are provided for library and standard posts for 3x mill and 2x lathe applications. Subsequent requests are subject to quotation.

Modifications to custom/purchased post processors are provided if the post is on maintenance. One year of maintenance is included with the initial purchase, afterwards it is billed with Mastercam Maintenance and Support. If the post is not on maintenance the edits will be quoted along with the option to add maintenance to the post processor. Standard post processors are updated as part of our Mastercam Maintenance and Support package.

If you are unsure of what code is necessary to run the specific operations on your machine, please contact your machine tool dealer. Given the complexity of machines, controllers, and build options there are many specific parameters that vary from machine to machine even within the same model.

Required Information:

  1. Zip2Go package from Mastercam of a programmed part file identifying necessary changes to the post processor. Instructions to create a Zip2Go can be found here.
  2. Edited NC Code generated from the part included in the Zip2Go from above. This edited code should clearly mark the areas where changes are needed and should be tested and proven in the machine. (Note: The edited NC Code is not included in the Z2G file. It will need to be attached separately.)
  3. Additional Information is not required but could be helpful. Please include relevant information as deemed necessary to assist in a timely turnaround of the post modifications:
    • Programming Manual for the machine (very helpful for extensive changes)
    • Additional sample code or programs that illustrate correct formatting
    • G and M code list if custom codes or cycles are being used

Note: QTE may request the completion of a full post processor form to obtain detailed machine specific information if we do not have it on hand through previous custom development.

Post edits and requests should be sent to [email protected]