Mastercam 2020
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Dynamic Motion is more efficient.

Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology is a new and exciting approach to creating toolpaths. In order to create the smoothest, most efficient cutting motion possible, Mastercam Dynamic toolpaths calculate more than just the simple motion of the tool. They also use a proprietary set of rules to analyze tool engagement and the material removal, constantly changing the cut motion based on what’s happening at the machine, at that moment. The results include radically shorter cycle times, longer tool life, and less wear on machines.

Dynamic Motion is faster.

By maximizing safe engagement, Dynamic Motion toolpaths can reduce cycle times by 25 to 75 percent. Mastercam Dynamic Motion toolpaths can use full-depth cutting, meaning far fewer step downs. And this means you can cut more parts in less time.

Dynamic Motion extends the life of tools and machines.

Traditional toolpaths often use only the flute nose, causing uneven tool wear. Because Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion can use the full flute length, you’ll get even wear and heat distribution resulting in fewer tool changes and less grinding that slows you down and costs you money. 

This same Dynamic Motion also produces a consistent chip load, reducing vibration and pulling heat away from the part and tool through the chips themselves. That’s better for your tools, your machines, and your finished parts. And the smooth motion eliminates abrupt directional changes, keeping your machines more accurate with less maintenance.

Dynamic Motion makes easy work of cutting hard materials.

Roughing difficult materials like cobalt and titanium can pose a challenge to many shops. Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion toolpaths make it significantly easier by ensuring even heat and load distribution throughout the cut. This even distribution prevents material surface hardening and reduces the risks of tool breakage, giving you more consistent, predictable results every time.

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