Mastercam Live Virtual Training

QTE has provided industry leading Mastercam training for over 30 years. Our classroom training is proven and successful. With our new offering we are taking that same training and providing it in a "Virtual Classroom".  The same industry experts who teach our classroom training will be leading live training on-line.

This will be new to some people and others are veterans at virtual training. Here are answers to many common questions about our Virtual Training. 

How do I register?

The registration process is the same. Just visit our on-line listing and choose a Virtual Training class with available spots and register. If you are part of our MAIT program then enter your MAIT Coupon Code in the appropriate field.

After registration you will receive an email with further details on preparing for the class, including access to the training files, and instructions for joining a test session with the instructor as well as the main Virtual Training session.  

What training application is used for the training?

We use an industry leading on-line training application with live video of the instructor, the instructor's Mastercam session, live chat, live audio between the instructor and students.

How will I get a training manual and files?

Prior to the beginning of the class you will receive access to a PDF version of the training manual. We will also ship a hard copy of the manual to you. You will also receive a link to download the training files. 

What do I need to prepare on the computer I'll be using?

Take a look at this short guide to help you plan.

Computer preparation (Prior to Training)

  • Mastercam 2020  installed on the computer the student will be using

    • If you need to use a computer that does not have your company’s Mastercam license on it you can download and use the free Mastercam Home Use License. It has the same functionality without the ability to post out code. (Note: the HLE version of Mastercam does require hardware capable of running Mastercam. Most home computers do not have the graphics card required. Please test prior to class.) 

  • The computer being used will need internet access with speeds capable of participating in web training.  

  • Phone or ability to dial in through a computer with a microphone and speakers. This will be to hear the instructor as well as ask questions. (Note: if you plan to use your computer for audio vs. a phone, we suggest a headset to eliminate feedback from the microphone.)

  • Strongly Suggested: 2nd monitor to allow for watching instructor presentations on one screen while using Mastercam on the second. You will also need it for viewing the PDF of the book on one screen. 

  • Computer video (optional) for the instructor to view you. This is to continue the interactiveness of our training.