Mastercam lathe


Mastercam Lathe lets you move the same part file between milling and turning operations with ease and confidence.

Powerful, flexible tools from the market leader.

Mastercam Lathe gives you a set of tools that streamline your entire process. From accepting and programming any CAD file to Dynamic roughing and precision finishing, Mastercam Lathe gives you a variety of techniques to turn all of your parts exactly as you need them.

Efficient program designed for modern manufacturing.

Mastercam Lathe delivers a set of basic and advanced programming tools, with greatly expanded options when paired with Mastercam Mill. Easy rough, finish, thread, groove, bore, and drill routines combine with C/Y-axis machining to cut any job. Dependable toolpath verification gives you the confidence to run the most complex toolpaths on your machine, and Machine and Control Definition deliver an easy way to help make sure your parts are done right the first time.

Key turning features.

  • A set of Quick Toolpaths that let you program in a few clicks.
  • Intelligent ID and OD roughing, featuring both Dynamic and variable cutting.
  • Fast facing including roughing and finishing.
  • Grooving with multiple depth cuts including peck motion and also full-radius plunge turning.
  • Complete threading with multiple starts, diameter calculation, and thread tables.
  • Automatic gouge checking watches the front and back of the tool.
  • Chuck, part, steady rest, and tailstock detection.
  • Open and directly machine a solid model.
  • Quick-turned profile generation for uniform and non-uniform parts.
  • Full milling support available for machines with live tooling for C and Y axes.