productivity tools


Many times, that one additional CAD or CAM tool makes a specific job easier, faster, and more profitable. We have a set of specialized solutions for these occasions:


In addition to the powerful data translators included with Mastercam, we offer several add-on translators including CATIA, Pro/E (PTC Creo), and Unigraphics (UG NX). Our CATIA translator can import GD&T data along with the CATIA modeling tree.

Blade Expert

Powerful, easy to use, and designed to create efficient, smooth, and gouge-free toolpaths for complex multi-bladed parts. It minimizes unnecessary motion, resulting in a highly efficient toolpath and superior blades, splitters, floors, and fillets.

Port Expert

Creates accurate, efficient engine cylinder head porting toolpaths on port surface or solid data. It minimizes unnecessary motion at the machine, resulting in a highly efficient toolpath with superior finish quality.

Mastercam Productivity+

Brings Renishaw in-process probing and inspection to your Mastercam programs. Easily setup and validate parts and cutting tools, and even have the software make in-process adjustments where appropriate.


Quickly bring your 2D sketches, clip art, photos, and CAD files to life by crafting them on screen and cutting them with easy, specialized toolpaths. As simple process takes you from your flat art to a beautifully sculpted piece that comes off the machine with exactly the look you want.


Moldplus offers a suite of powerful time and money saving solutions to help get your designs done faster, manufactured and out the door!

  • Moldplus Standard consists of surface trimming and extension tools, mold design tools such as Draft Angle Analysis, Core and Cavity separation and parting surface creation.
  • Moldplus Professional includes tools for untrimming surfaces, healing/fixing surfaces and tools to make Electrodes and surface extensions for vacuum forming tools. This package includes all of the features available in the Moldplus Standard package.
  • Moldplus 5-Axis Toolit consists of design tools for preparing your geometry for machining. AutoSet Surface Normals, radius analysis, check/drive surface selector, 1-click part extension (draft and tangent) and 5-axis curve and tilt creation/manipulation.