Choosing a CAD/CAM System Finale

The final section of our What Every Shop Should Know About Choosing a CAD/CAM System goes making sure you utilize your chosen system effectively. This may be the most important aspect of the software you choose, and it is integral to your success. Below is a brief breakdown of the important software and utility functions.

Section 4 – Using Your System Effectively

Important PC Software and Utilities:

To operate you PC efficiently, you will need several important software utilities, described briefly here:

  • Backups
    • Files can become corrupted and hard disks can fail, so you should regularly back yup your work. You can use Microsoft’s standard backup utility or buy software specifically for making backups to external drives.
  • File Compression
    • These utilities compress files, decreasing their size so you can store more information on disks or other media, or save time transmitting files. the files must be uncompressed with the same utility before you can use them again.
  • Disk Defragmentation
    • As files are deleted, “holes” are left in the data on the hard drive which get filled with small files and fragments of larger files. The more fragmented the data becomes, the slower the system runs. Disk utilities such as Microsoft’s Disk Defragmenter will rewrite the data with no holes or fragments.
  • Networking
    • A network can interconnect computers of different types in order to share data and peripherals. Networking requires special software and hardware.
  • System Management Issues
    • To gain the greatest benefits from you CAD/CAM system, you need to utilize the system completely, choose goo operators, get proper training, and keep the software updated.
  • Choosing Users
    • Don’t rely on one person to know the software. Train someone who can make a change or do a job if the normal user is unavailable. Choose people who are open to new technology and willing to learn. CAD/CAM software is a tool to help designers and NC programmers to their jobs more efficiently. Someone who is unfamiliar with prints, NC programming or machining cannot simply go to CAD/CAM training and become productive with the system.
  • Getting the Most From Training
    • Spend some time using the system before going to the training. Work through any examples or exercises that are available and note any questions. When you attend training, you will learn far more about the software because it is somewhat familiar.
  • Utilize Technical Support
    • If you software does not run properly and you are unable to resolve the problem using the documentation, do not hesitate to call for technical support!
  • Staying Current
    • A good CAD/CAM system is constantly being enhanced to make it more powerful and easier to use. To stay competitive, continue to update your software and learn the new capabilities of each version. An annual maintenance program can assist you in staying up to date. As new enhancements to the software are made, they will be released to you, allowing you to use these new improvements before the customers who wait to purchase their update. Attend users groups to learn new ways of using the software and contribute you ideas for the future enhancements and product direction. Make sure you are receiving a Customer Newsletter if the company offers one, and check their website frequently for updated information.

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