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Create Zip2Go in Mastercam X9

By November 6, 2015No Comments

November Tech Tip

Mastercam has a built in feature called Zip2Go that enables users to export a lot of information in a few clicks that assist with sending in files for technical support or moving programs from station to station. We utilize this feature for QTE Support on a regular basis, in fact we request a Zip2Go with every support ticket so we can more efficiently resolve our customer’s issues.

What’s Included

A Zip2Go can contain vital information to enable the QTE Support team to accurately diagnose technical issues. Most importantly it includes:

  • The Mastercam file
  • Toolpath information
  • Post processor info (post processor, machine definition, and control definition)
  • System info
  • Configuration files
  • Etc.

With this information, we usually have the data needed to progress with testing for a solution when coupled with the detailed description provided via email or phone.

How to Create a Zip2Go

Watch this quick video on creating a Zip2Go in Mastercam X9:

How to Open a Zip2Go

We have received questions from customers asking how to open a Zip2Go file. In reality it is just a ZIP file created with a different file extension. This is useful as it is able to be sent via email more frequently since many companies do no allow ZIP files to be received. In the event you receive a Zip2GO (.Z2G) file from the QTE Support team you can quickly open it by renaming the file to have a .ZIP extension. The file will now open in Windows Explorer and you can use the information shared back with you.