Faster 3-Axis Toolpaths with Mastercam Advanced Machining Techniques

Mastercam Advanced Machining Up Close

Mastercam Advanced Machining – Helping You Get Parts Out The Door Faster

Mastercam Advanced Machining will allow you to create more complex 3-axis toolpaths and improve your programming efficiency. This opens up your company to an advanced set of programming capabilities that will allow you to take on complex jobs on your 3 axis mills and program them faster. Mastercam Advanced Machining toolpaths are not just for 5 axis machines anymore!

Improve the programming capabilities and speed for your 3 axis machines utilizing Advanced Machining toolpaths.

Watch this video showcasing how Reece Gibson utilizes the Mastercam Advanced Machining module to program a 5x part on a 3x machine in one setup:


Proven Success

“Using the dynamic roughing and the morph 5 axis command, I have literally cut our milling time in half! As more and more options and ideas are discovered; I’m certain I can increase production another 10% here in the near future.” Shawn Patterson – Weld Engineering Performance


Substantial Performance Gains

3 Axis Output

  • Creating Undercuts
  • Advanced surface finish control
  • Less geometry creation for complex cuts
  • Advanced toolpath control
  • Collision avoidance strategies
  • Silhouette containment built into parameters
  • STL Machining

Intelligent Toolpaths

  • Expanded Workplane Coordinate System awareness
  • Smart automatic tilt-away helps ensure part integrity
  • Intelligent toolpath linking and safety zones for worry-free cutting


Expanding cutting options

  • Expanded inclusion of our groundbreaking Dynamic toolpaths
  • Powerful improvements to a wide variety of strategies including drilling, swarf cutting, deburring, curve machining, and more
  • Advanced rotary cutting
  • Refined specialty port cutting
  • Ability to use our powerful 5-axis techniques for 3-axis cutting

Faster on and off the machine

  • Toolpath multithreading speeds programming
  • Redesigned toolpath engines coupled with our internal expertise and extensive lab testing deliver finer precision
  • Streamlined programming methods for faster and easier results


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