Get to Know the Key Features of Verisurf 2024

Metrology is crucial in the manufacturing industry as it determines the precision and accuracy of products being produced. The software used in measuring these complex parts can make all the difference in ensuring that they are within the required specifications. Verisurf 2024 is one of the most commonly used model-based inspection and measurement software in the industry. It is a powerful tool that supports multiple 3D measuring devices. In this blog post, we will be discussing the key features of Verisurf 2024.

RPS Alignment

RPS Alignment combines the power of Auto Align and Feature Align into a new alignment for inspection plans. It works with points, features, constructions, and analyzes, making it easy to align to virtually any datum scheme in a plan. It can use previously measured points, features, and surface points making it easier to add probe changes, go-to points, and device station moves between measured features in a plan.

Efficient Operation and Quality Reporting:

Verisurf 2024 offers efficient object-oriented CMM programming that ensures fast and accurate measurements. It supports quality reporting on all brands of CMMs. With Verisurf 2024’s intelligent MBD (Model-Based Definition), manufacturers can measure their parts to the nominal CAD design in real-time. It allows users to quickly identify and correct errors, thus reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Compatibility with Multiple Devices:

Verisurf 2024 works with any CAD format, which makes it highly versatile. It also supports any 3D measuring device and connects to any manual and portable CMMs for probing and scanning. This capability allows manufacturers to switch between different devices without having to change the software they use. Verisurf 2024’s compatibility with multiple devices ensures that manufacturers can seamlessly incorporate it into their production processes.

Inspection to Drawings or CAD Models with Intelligent MBD:

Verisurf 2024 offers intelligent MBD, which allows users to inspect to drawings or CAD models. Inspection to CAD models ensures that the parts produced are within the required tolerances and specifications, thus reducing waste and improving product quality. It also offers complete surface and solid modeling, which ensures that all the measurements are accurate.

Real-time Inspection:

Verisurf 2024 allows users to inspect to CAD in real-time. This feature ensures that manufacturers can make adjustments to their parts in real-time, thus reducing production time and costs. It also supports 3D scanning and probing for additive manufacturing and other digitizing tasks.

Efficient Tool Creation:

Verisurf 2024 can be used with portable CMMs to build tools, jigs, and fixtures. It allows for alignments, drift checks, and bundling. This capability ensures that manufacturers can create tools that fit their parts’ specifications accurately.

Verisurf 2024 is an indispensable tool in the manufacturing industry. Its compatibility with multiple 3D measuring devices, intelligent MBD, and real-time inspection capabilities, among others, makes it highly versatile. It is an efficient software that ensures accurate measurements and quality reporting. Manufacturers should consider incorporating Verisurf 2024 into their production processes to guarantee precision and accuracy in their products.

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