HAAS Demo Day 2018 – Four Successful Events in One Day!

Thank you HAAS and to all who attended!

The crew from QTE Manufacturing Solutions ascended upon four cities to take part in HAAS Demo Day on May 9th. We were invited to participate in St. Louis, Kansas City, Memphis, and Nashville and the turnout was great!

The events gave manufacturing industry professionals an opportunity to see HAAS machine tools in action. They could also talk with other industry partners about software, tooling, work holding, and more.

We had the opportunity to showcase the advantages of Mastercam toolpaths on some of the HAAS UMC 750 and VF2 machine tools on display. Speed, versatility, control, and superior surface finish were highlighted. There was crowded excitement around the machines as chips hit the glass with a speed and force that was unexpected by most. The rate of material removal with Mastercam’s Dynamic Toolpaths is always exciting to see in person and events like these are a perfect opportunity.

Watch for announcements of upcoming events where you can see for yourself how Mastercam and QTE Manufacturing Solutions can help you reach new goals.