Mastercam 2024 Rollout: Graphical Planes for Holemaking

As part of our Mastercam 2024 rollout, we want to showcase some of the latest improvements to the software and how it can maximize your workflow and productivity. In part four of our series, we discuss graphical planes for holemaking.

Holemaking toolpaths in Mastercam 2024 now feature an interactive graphical plane display to help users visualize depths with each hole, along with a linking page revamp to be more intuitive.

A Display graphical elements button has been added to holemaking and multiaxis toolpath dialong boxes. This control allows you to show or hide graphical elements such as selected geometry colors and graphical planes, depending on the toolpath type.

When you change values in the dialog box, Mastercam updates the graphical planes in the graphics window. You can also change the position and value of a plane by dragging its graphical representation in the graphics window.

This ability to show or hide graphical elements such as selected geometry colors and graphics plans, depending on toolpath type, gives the user the ability to visualize or interact with toolpath inputs directly from the graphics screen.

Watch our Mastercam 2024 Rollout playlist on YouTube to see the rest of the new features and improvements in Mastercam 2024. Contact us if you would like to upgrade your post.

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