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Mastercam Has Powerful Built in Translators

By June 13, 2014No Comments

Did you know that Mastercam can open many native file types with out converting to STEP or IGES and risk losing information? You can open the files directly from engineering or your customers, saving time and headaches for everyone. All of the types listed below are included at no charge with Mastercam. We offer translators to open native CATIA, NX, and ProE files as well.

Below is a list of file types that Mastercam can import:
Mastercam X7 Files (*.MCX-7)
Mastercam X6 Files (*.MCX-6)
Mastercam X5 Files (*.MCX-5)
Mastercam pre-X5 Files (*.MCX)
Mastercam Education X7 Files (*.EMCX-7)
Mastercam Education X6 Files (*.EMCX-6)
Mastercam Education X5 Files (*.EMCX-5)
Mastercam Education Pre-X5 Files (*.EMCX)
Mastercam V9 Files (*.MC9)
Mastercam V8 Files (*.MC8)
IGES Files (*.IGS;*.IGES)
AutoCAD Files (*.DWG;*.DXF;*.DWF;*.DWFx)
Parasolid Files (*.X_T;*.X_B;*.XMT_TXT)
ProE/Creo Files (*.PRT;*.ASM;*.PRT.*;*.ASM.*)
ACIS Kernel SAT Files (*.SAT;*.SAB)
STEP Files (*.STP;*.STEP)
VDA Files (*.VDA)
Rhino 3D Files (*.3DM)
SolidWorks Files (*.SLDPRT;*.SLDASM)
SolidWorks Drawing Files (*.SLDDRW)
Solid Edge Files (*.PAR;*.PSM;*.ASM)
Autodesk Inventor Files (*.IPT;*.IAM)
Autodesk Inventor Drawing Files (*.IDW)
KeyCreator Files (*.CKD)
Unigraphics/NX Files (*.PRT)
ASCII Files (*.TXT;*.CSV;*.DOC)
StereoLithography Files (*.STL)
Catia V4 Files (*.MODEL;*.EXP)

Below is a list of file formats that Mastercam can export:
Mastercam X7 Files (*.MCX-7)
Mastercam Educ X7 Files (*.EMCX-7)
IGES Files (*.IGS;*.IGES)
AutoCAD DWG Files (*.DWG)
AutoCAD DXF Files (*.DXF)
Parasolid Text Files (*.X_T;*.XMT_TXT)
Parasolid Bingary Files (*.X_B)
ACIS Kernal SAT Files (*.SAT;*.SAB)
STEP Files (*.STP;*.STEP)
VDA Files (*.VDA)
ASCII Files (*.TXT;*.CSV;*.DOC)
StereoLithography Files (*.STL)
Catia V4 Model Files (*.MODEL)
Catia V4 Export Files (*.EXP)
Catia V5 CatPArt Files (*.CATPART)
Cadkey CDL Files (*.CDL)