Mastercam Program Review Methods

Mastercam Program Review Methods

Backplot, Verify, Simulation! Which one do I use? 

When it comes to reviewing your Mastercam programs before running them in the machine, there are many options available. Each option has different pros and cons and price points. This guide will go through the various methods in detail to help you determine your preferred option. 


Mastercam Backplot is the classic method to review your toolpath within Mastercam and prior to posting.

Pros: Integrated into Mastercam. Fast and easy to use within the Mastercam GUI, quick toolpath Tracing generation

Cons: Based on Mastercam NCI data

Mastercam Verify

Mastercam Verify is an evolution to Backplot, Its an enhanced way to Validate or verify programs, Including Stock removal, collision checking against Holders, stock and Fixturing.

Pros: Integrated into Mastercam already, Simple and easy to use.

Cons: Can be slow to load with large files. Cannot rewind stock removal without a total rewind of verify

Machine SIM

Mastercam Machine Sim is an evolution to Verify, It has all the same features as Verify with the added features of machine collision and verification. Includes the ability to be linked to the post to accommodate Right angle heads and Custom rotary command.

Pros: Already installed default in Mastercam, Pulls data from Mastercam so no need to export any data. Easy to jump in and out of when sampling multiaxis tool paths.

Cons: Might include some added cost depending on post and machine being used. NCI based only so will not accommodate and custom G codes or Macros.

CIMCO Edit Back-Plot

Cimco Edit back-plot is an add in for Mastercam that allows posted code from any CAD CAM software or hand written to be traced similar to Mastercam back-plot or Mastercam Verify.

Pros: Can be ran standalone. Low cost. Integration tool makes it simple for Mastercam users to transfer tooling and fixture data.

Cons: Separate install and License to manage

CIMCO Machine Simulation

Cimco Edit Machine sim is an add on feature from Cimco Edit Back-plot. having all the same features of Back-plot, It includes G code Validation with Full machine Simulation.

Pros: Add on to Cimco edit. Simulation and NC editing combined. Easy to pull data from Mastercam using the integration. Seamlessly Switch between machines, adjust stock and Simulate NC programs.

Cons: Single stream machines only.

Vericut G-Code Verification

V VERICUT simulates all types of CNC machine tools. VERICUT runs standalone, but can also be integrated with all leading CAM systems.

Pros: Very customizable, Nearly no limits on machines and controls that are compatible.

Cons: Expensive, some development time and R&D required.

In conclusion, there are many tools available to verify your Mastercam program is good. We are here to help what would be most beneficial for your situation. Contact us.

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