Mastercam CAD/CAM software to produce a single-billet aluminum guitar body

QTE customer, Wolfert’s Tool and Machine initially purchased Mastercam software to keep up with the increasing workload of making aerospace parts. Sometime later, owner Ken Wolfert was reading an article about how the hardwoods used to make solid electric guitar bodies are becoming endangered. This is when Mr. Wolfert began exploring how Mastercam could be utilized to manufacture the guitar bodies from aluminum, similar to the way Wolfert’s manufactures the small aircraft parts made from aluminum billets.

After a lot of research and hard work, Mr. Wolfert and his team successfully created and produced the aluminum-body guitar, creating the subsidiary Metalin’ Guitar. Initially, they intended to create unique guitars that would be customized for each owner. However, after early design work, they decided to offer two additional standard options that would be more affordable for customers.

After partnering with QTE Manufacturing Solutions and the Mastercam in place, Wolfert’s sales doubled in the next five years. In addition, his employee base increased from 10 to 15 people, a 50% increase. The improvement in productivity also made it possible for the company to keep pace with its growing aerospace workload and be able to diversify into being able to manufacture the guitars.

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