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Maximizing Productivity in your CAM Department 

Maximizing Productivity in your CAM Department

QTE is known throughout the Midwest as the premier Mastercam reseller, however its products and services offer much more. The product overview infographic highlights the range of product offerings that support every stage of the manufacturing process, from design and process planning to metrology and inspection.

Manufacturing Design and Process Planning  

With Mastercam at the core of your CAM operations, the door opens to a number of compatible tools that drive productivity, enhance precision, and streamline workflow.

Design and Engineering   

  • Mastercam Design offers a comprehensive suite of CAD tools for creating complex and precise 3D models with ease.

  • CAD Translator and Import tools ensure that you can seamlessly work with and exchange files across different CAD software, amplifying your design capabilities without limitations.

  • Moldplus Design Tools offer specialized functionalities for mold and die design that reduce design times and bridge the gap between creativity and functionality.

  • Verisurf Reverse, an advanced solution for reverse engineering projects, allows you to convert physical parts into digital CAD models efficiently, thus shortening your product development cycle.

CNC Programming and Toolpathing  

At QTE, we offer CNC programming and toolpathing options designed to cater to a broad range of manufacturing needs:

  • Mastercam Mill: Offers control over the milling process, allowing for more precise and efficient machining of complex parts.

  • Mastercam Wire: Dedicated to optimizing wire EDM operations, this software ensures accuracy, speed, and quality in your wire cutting jobs.

  • Mastercam Router: Designed for excellence in router operations, enabling users to produce intricate designs and high-quality finishes on a variety of materials.

  • Mastercam Mill-Turn: Integrates milling and turning operations for multi-tasking machines into one streamlined solution, significantly reducing process times and increasing machine efficiency.

  • Mastercam Lathe: Provides powerful toolpath control for turning operations, enabling the creation of detailed parts with advanced surface finishes.

  • Machine Probe Integration

    • Renishaw Productivity Plus: Enhances machining accuracy and speed by integrating probing capabilities directly into CNC machining operations.

    • CIMCO Probing: Offers seamless integration with CNC machines for accurate in-process measurement, ensuring parts are machined to precise specifications.

  • Additive Manufacturing (APlus): Bridges traditional manufacturing with 3D printing, allowing for the creation of complex geometries and reducing material waste.

Simulation and Verification  

  • Mastercam Backplot/Verify/Simulation: Enables you to validate your toolpaths with comprehensive visualization capabilities within the Mastercam interface. This is based on NCI data and not posted G-code.

  • CIMCO G-code Backplot: Offers an intuitive platform for the detailed analysis of G-code to ensure precision in execution. By simulating the exact movements of tools based on the G-code, users can identify and rectify potential issues before they impact production.

  • CIMCO Machine Simulation: Delivers an advanced level of G-code verification by simulating the machining process in a virtual environment. This includes machine kinematics, thus providing a realistic representation of how the machine tools will behave during the actual manufacturing process.

  • CIMCO Verify: Provides robust capabilities for verifying CNC code to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of machining operations. It allows for the quick detection of errors and optimization of CNC programs to guarantee the production of high-quality parts. Up to 10x faster generation and rendering compared to Mastercam Verify.

Post Processing  

We offer a wide range of Mastercam-certified post processors compatible with virtually any machine tool and controller configuration, including complex multi-axis and mill-turn setups. We mainly source from three post developers:

  • Postability

  • In-house Solutions

  • Mastercam Posts

Manufacturing Process Documentation   

  • Active Report Writer: Tailored for dynamic and customizable report generation, Active Report Writer enables users to create detailed, informative setup sheets and documentation, improving the clarity and efficiency of manufacturing operations.

  • X+ Setup Sheets: Designed to integrate seamlessly with Mastercam, X+ Setup Sheets automate the generation of setup information, providing clear, concise instructions and reducing setup times significantly.

  • theebyte Setup Sheets: With theebyte, users can easily generate, access, and share detailed job setup information, enhancing communication and efficiency on the shop floor.

  • CIMCO MDM (Manufacturing Data Management): A robust Manufacturing DMS solution that centralizes and manages your manufacturing data and documentation. CIMCO MDM ensures that the right information is always accessible to the right people, facilitating smooth operations and supporting quality compliance across all stages of the manufacturing process.

Process Optimization and Customization  

  • Training: We provide you and your team with specific curriculum designed by our team of experts and experienced machinists. Our Mastercam and Verisurf training programs are designed for you to learn the core concepts through live instruction, student exercises, and proficiency tests.

  • Custom Solutions for Special Projects: At QTE, our team of experts is dedicated to working directly alongside your team to tackle your unique challenges. This hands-on approach ensures that you can fully leverage your software’s capabilities, tailored specifically to your own needs.

Manufacturing Process Data Collection and Transfer  

QTE’s manufacturing process data collection and transfer solutions are designed to give you the ability to efficiently collect, manage, and transfer data throughout the manufacturing process.

Data Management  

  • Tool Data Management (TDM): This system is the backbone of efficient tool management, enabling you to store, manage, and access detailed tool data and graphics across your entire organization. TDM optimizes tool usage and procurement, reduces tool preparation time, and minimizes machining errors by ensuring accurate tool data is always available for your CNC programs.

  • CIMCO MDM (Manufacturing Data Management): A robust Manufacturing DMS solution that centralizes and manages your manufacturing data and documentation. CIMCO MDM ensures that the right information is always accessible to the right people, facilitating smooth operations and supporting quality compliance across all stages of the manufacturing process.

Machine Monitoring and Planning  

  • CIMCO MDC (Manufacturing Data Collection): An advanced solution designed to maximize the efficiency of your manufacturing process. CIMCO MDC provides real-time monitoring and collection of machine data, enabling you to make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute information. This system facilitates enhanced productivity, improved machine utilization, and detailed reporting.

  • CIMCO Scheduler: An advanced planning and scheduling tool designed to provide an overview of your manufacturing capacity, making it easier to manage workload and plan for future projects.

Machine Communications  

Our machine communications solution at QTE is centered around CIMCO DNC, tailored to facilitate seamless and efficient data transfer between your computer systems and machines.

  • CIMCO DNC: Provides a reliable and secure method for transmitting CNC programs, machine parameters, and setup data between computers and a wide range of machine tools. It eliminates manual data entry errors thus reducing setup times.


QTE’s Metrology/Inspection solutions ensure the absolute accuracy and quality of your products, providing you with an unrivaled selection of cutting-edge hardware and software options.


The Verisurf software suite encompasses a variety of tools tailored for precision measurement and inspection:

  • CAD/Measure: Facilitates accurate measurement directly against CAD models, streamlining the inspection process and ensuring products meet exact specifications.

  • Build: Gives users the ability to construct or assemble components with real-time visual and auditory feedback

  • Reverse: Enables the creation of CAD models from 3D scans of physical objects, simplifying the reverse engineering process.

  • Automate: Allows for the automation of inspection routines, increasing consistency in quality control measures.

  • Analysis: Provides tools for the detailed analysis of measurement data, offering insights into product quality and manufacturing accuracy.


Our selection of metrology and inspection hardware options is designed to cater to a wide range of precision measurement needs across various industries:

  • API Metrology: Offers advanced laser tracking solutions for accurate and reliable dimensional measurements

  • Master3dGage: Provides portable 3D inspection and reverse engineering capabilities directly on the shop floor

  • FARO: Delivers precise 3D measurement, imaging, and realization technologies that streamline the inspection and quality assurance processes.

  • ROMER: Known for its portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that offer flexibility and high accuracy for in-situ measurements.

  • Renishaw Equator: A versatile, gauge that performs high-speed comparative measurements for a wide variety of parts

  • CMM Interfaces/Retrofits: We supply interfaces and retrofit solutions for existing CMMs, upgrading them with state-of-the-art technology to improve their measurement capabilities.

Contact QTE for More Information   

We hope this information is valuable to you and assists in identifying opportunities for growth and development within your operations. Our team of experts is available to assist with recommendations and implementation of these tools, as well as provide training and support to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Contact us today to learn more about how these tools can help maximize productivity in your CAM department.



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