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MastercamTech Tip

Tech Tip – Using Verisurf’s Free Mastercam Tools

By May 13, 2014No Comments

Verisurf has developed a useful set of tools to increase productivity within Mastercam. These tools are free and integrate seamlessly into Mastercam (as many of you know Mastercam Design is the base software for Verisurf). Key features include:

  • Create 3D PDF
  • Screenshots
  • Hiddenline
  • Notepad
  • Verisurf Hole-Axis tool
  • Minimum Bounding Box
  • Verisurf Pierce
  • Verisurf Extend Lines
  • Verisurf Power Select
  • Name Points
  • Fit Curve from Chain
  • Verisurf Planes
  • Verisurf WCS

You can download the free Verisurf tools here: Verisurf Tools Download

Here is a link to a users guide: Verisurf_Tools