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Model-Based Inspection & Measurement Software

One Common Metrology Platform for all 3D Measuring Devices


QTE is the Premier Provider of Verisurf Throughout the Midwest

Verisurf bundled with QTE expertise, training and support is what will make you successful in your Metrology department.  Faster Inspection, More Consistent Quality, Reduced Expense

  • Up to 50% faster inspection = faster time to revenue
  • Reduces or eliminates manual inspection programming = reduced inspector cost
  • Improved in-process inspection with PCMMs = reduced scrap and rework

3D Inspection and Measurement Software Designed to Verify Quality, Improve Efficiency, and Lower Costs.

3D Measurement Platform

Powerful CAD Foundation

Customization for Automation

Verisurf Software Solutions Suites

CMM Programming & Inspection

Inspection & Analysis

Significantly reduce inspection plan setup from hours to minutes with almost no learning curve.

Identify deviation and tolerance conditions between measured parts and nominal CAD in a premium user experience.

Tool Building & Inspection

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Quickly and accurately set tooling details with real-time “build-to” computer aided assembly to CAD.

Complete 3D SCAN-TO-CAD workflow quickly learned and retained by new users thanks to the intuitive user interface.


Turnkey Inspection Solution with the Master3DGage

QTE offers the Master3DGage inspection solution. This is a PCMM arm bundled with Verisurf Software at an incredible value. See more.

Verisurf metrology software lets you see the difference between the nominal CAD design and finished machine part in real-time. Perfect for fast, in-process first article or automated production inspection that improves your manufacturing enterprise.

Verisurf is committed to delivering premier computer-aided inspection solutions for aerospace, automotive, energy, medical technology, and a broad range of other manufacturing operations.


Verisurf 2024 introduces several exciting new features and enhancements, making it a powerful solution for metrology and inspection tasks. One of the notable additions is the advanced CAD modeling capabilities, allowing users to create and modify complex 3D models directly within the Verisurf software. The improved measurement tools offer enhanced accuracy and precision, facilitating precise and reliable inspections. Verisurf 2024 integrates seamlessly with the latest metrology hardware, enabling efficient data capture and analysis. The user interface has been redesigned for a more intuitive and streamlined experience, ensuring ease of use and faster workflows. With its cutting-edge features and robust functionality, Verisurf 2024 empowers users to achieve superior metrology results and optimize their manufacturing processes.

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QTE is an authorized reseller of API: Measurement Equipment and Services for your Manufacturing and Inspection needs. Laser trackers are used for high-precision measurement and inspection in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, and construction. They are often used to measure the dimensions and positions of large structures or objects, such as airplanes, bridges, and buildings.

They can also be used to verify the accuracy of machine tools, such as lathes and milling machines. Laser trackers are particularly useful in situations where traditional measurement tools, such as tape measures or calipers, are not practical or accurate enough. Whether you need to inspect a part or calibrate your Laser Tracker, API Metrology has the best products on the market and the most knowledgeable staff of expert metrologists.

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This series takes you inside the manufacturing technology scene, showcasing the application of Verisurf software in different machines. We detail how Verisurf enhances manufacturing processes by advancing precision, speed, and reliability. This series serves both industry professionals looking to streamline operations and tech enthusiasts eager to understand sophisticated manufacturing software. Experience the transformative effects of Verisurf software, actively reshaping manufacturing today.



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