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Verisurf 2020 Released

Verisurf 2020

Verisurf 2020 sets a new standard for robust and efficient Reverse Engineering workflows – and lots more. In addition to broad new Reverse Engineering capabilities, including the powerful new Quick Surface for Reverse option, Verisurf 2020 is packed with useful improvements, practical new features, and expanded device support. Get the latest Release Notes from the […]

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Verisurf 2019 Public Beta Available for Download

Verisurf 2019

Verisurf Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the Verisurf 2019 Public Beta, now available to current maintenance customers. Verisurf 2019 is an exciting, new version – with over a dozen major new capabilities and numerous other improvements. Verisurf 2019 is also the first release that will be available in seven languages including English, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish. [siteorigin_widget […]

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Verisurf 2018 Tech Tip

Create CAD Planes Perpendicular to Splines, Arcs and Curves in Verisurf 2018 Learn how to place evenly spaced CAD planes perpendicular to a “drive curve” (lines, splines or arcs) created from the contour of a Port (Reverse Engineering of a “Port” is a common application) in this useful Verisurf Tech Tip. Get it here: Tech Tip […]

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Manufacturing Day 2017 – St. Charles

Manufacturing Will Prevail! It was a great day participating in the Manufacturing Day event, part of the GROW Manufacturing organization, hosted at the St. Charles Community College. Approximately 500 local students in middle school and high school attended to see what manufacturing is all about. The goal was to give them a glimpse about manufacturing […]

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Software’s Master3DGage Provides Rapid 3D Inspection

Verisurf Software Inc.’s Master3DGage is a rapid 3D inspection and reverse engineering solution that enables manufacturers to significantly increase production and improve part quality. Verisurf has designed the 3DGage as a complete yet configurated hardware/software solution that provides automated ‘in-process’ inspection for your shop, accelerating 3D measurements and reverse engineering projects. The Master3DGage can be a […]

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Just say no (politely) to drawings.

Some shops spend hundreds of hours each year redrawing parts that have been submitted to them as PDF or paper drawings. Where did these PDFs come from?  Most of these drawings were generated based on models resident in their customers’ CAD systems. When shops make a point of consistently and politely asking the customer for […]

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Do You Have DPD Compliance Requirements?

Verisurf Validate Satisfies Key DPD Compliance Requirements for Aerospace Suppliers Verisurf Validate is an add-on application that provides a fast, 1-click means of assuring that translated CAD geometry read into Verisurf remains within acceptable tolerance parameters prior to subsequent manufacturing or further use for inspection or acceptance testing. Read more about Verisurf

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Tech Tip – Adding Items to Existing Report

A “secret” feature available in Verisurf is the ability to add additional features to an existing report. To do so, select the features you would like to add in the Data Tree using Windows selection techniques like CTRL Click and Shift Click.   Once you have selected the additional features CTRL Double Click the report. […]

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