Virtual Mastercam Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in many ways. The social distancing and stay-at-home orders have restricted most people from what were formerly considered “normal” activities. Schools are closed, as are many businesses.

QTE Manufacturing Solutions is not exempt from the impacts of the virus. We have put our in-person classroom training on hold. However, we are now offering our exclusive Mastercam Training through a virtual classroom environment. You can still receive all the benefits of classroom training at your own office or remote workplace. Members of our Mastercam All-Inclusive Training (MAIT) program can also benefit from this format.

Get the Same High-Quality Training

For nearly 35 years, QTE Manufacturing Solutions has provided Mastercam CAD/CAM training. We have a proven reputation in delivering high-quality classroom training.

The content and quality of the training will not be sacrificed in the virtual environment. The live online classes will be taught by the same instructors who have taught the classroom courses. They are all industry experts in their field. This ensures that students will receive the same high-quality instruction as they would in-person. They can remain safe while continuing to improve their Mastercam skills and knowledge.

All virtual classes will feature live video, audio and chat capability. This allows you to communicate with the instructor, interact with other students and get answers to your questions in real time. We have attempted to make the experience as similar to that of the physical classroom as possible.

Enrolling and Participating in Online Classes

The enrollment process is the same as it is for the classroom training. Applicants will visit QTE’s class listings on ourwebsite and select from the list of available classes, then complete the application form. After successfully submitting the application, you will receive an email containing information on how to access the training files and instructions for joining the sessions.

If you don’t have a lot of experience using online learning platforms, not to worry. We have worked to make the process as straightforward as possible to maximize your training experience.

The instructors can assist you in maneuvering through the system, offering guidance and advice. Of course, they will also be ready to help you with the course content itself, and answer your questions, just as they would in the physical classroom

Technical Requirements
There are a few requirements you will need to get the most benefits from the virtual classes:

  1. Internet Access. You will need reliable high speed internet to access the virtual course.
  2. Speakers/Headphones. Your computer should be equipped with speakers/ headphones or you could use your phone to dial in for audio access to the course and communicating with others in the virtual classroom.
  3. Computer Requirements. The computer you will be using for the virtual class needs to be able to run Mastercam. The program is especially demanding on the graphics card; therefore, we advise that you to do a test run of the program prior to the class. There is no difference whether you use the industrial or Home Learning Edition (HLE) of Mastercam. Both have the functionality needed to successfully run the training course.
  4. Monitors. We suggest using two monitors, if possible. This allows you to watch the instructor’s presentations on one monitor, while running Mastercam on the second one. You will also be able to read the instruction book on one screen in the event your hard copy is delayed.
  5. Video. This is optional, but can add to the interactive experience when your instructor can see you as well.

Trust the Company Who Sets the Standards for Manufacturing Technology

QTE Manufacturing Solutions has set the highest standards for the Design & Manufacturing Technology industry since 1985. We provide software solutions and related services for the machine shop floor, specifically in CAD/CAM, metrology, machine communications, and Design Contract Services to manufacturers throughout the Midwest.

We guarantee all our products and services. Our training classes will include everything we promise with successful results. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your class, or feel content was inadequate, you can retake any regularly scheduled class 

Our headquarters is in St. Charles, Missouri, but we also have satellite offices in Kansas City, Kansas; Knoxville, Tennessee; Nashville, Tennessee; and Wichita, Kansas. 

Sign Up for the Online Training Now

Our virtual Mastercam training classes started on March 15th and are now extended through the end of May, so, if you are interested, we recommend you sign up quickly. Various levels of training are currently available through the end of May . Check out our website for more details on our training programs or call at (877) 429-5708.