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About Verisurf BUILD

Verisurf BUILD is the industry-leading tool for real-time model-based inspection, tool fabrication, and computer-aided assembly. The heart of Verisurf BUILD is a graphical, 3D deviation arrow that provides a ‘live’ display of the distance from the device probe to the nominal model. As a fabrication tool, ‘build’-feedback is used to position objects such as tooling-details, based on the CAD definition of their basic position and shape. As an inspection tool, it analyzes profile and position tolerance-condition on machined parts and assemblies.

Verisurf BUILD revolutionizes the inspection process with an intuitive interface that displays real-time, part-to-model deviations as you inspect. Live feedback combined with associative MBD tolerance reveals whether the part is good even before you measure it. BUILD uses a 2-point analysis to report the error in thickness, step, gap, and flush measurements between surfaces. This analysis facilitates the build process and can be used to document as-built condition. Real-time inspection supports both single-point and continuous measurement with probing devices. You can even use a scanner to generate real-time deviation color maps for rapid surface-profile evaluation. Watch the video below to learn more and contact QTE to discuss a quote.

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