Mastercam Dynamic Motion Seminar in Wichita

Dynamic Motion Seminar

QTE held a Dynamic Motion seminar in conjunction with Hartwig and Iscar at the Hartwig Wichita location. Many companies attended to gain insight into machining effectiveness and for ways to translate some of the latest technology back into their companies. It was a great event showcasing the importance of getting your machine tools, cutting tools, and software to work in harmony. It is when you get the three aligned that machining effectiveness begins to take shape.


During the event, QTE presented on the proven concepts of Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion as well as demonstrated speed and power cutting on a Bridgeport machine offered by Hartwig and cut with an Iscar 4-flute solid carbide flat endmill.


Power Cutting

For those that are not aware, Power Cutting is when very aggressive step overs (65-80%) are combined with Mastercam Dynamic Motion toolpaths, traditional feeds and speeds and solid carbide tooling. When done properly, cycle times can be significantly reduced from the already impressive Dynamic Motion Speed Cutting cycle times. This is a fairly new concept, feel free to contact QTE to discuss in more detail.