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Top 10 Tech Questions #5 Migrating a Post from a Previous Version of Mastercam

By March 10, 2016No Comments

For many users, one of the greatest challenges when updating a version of Mastercam is ensuring the the Post Processor will continue to work. Making sure the migration is done properly is the next Tech Question we will cover! Keep reading to find out the technique we use to make sure our customers can accomplish this goal:

The “Migration Wizard” is for migrating files from previous versions of Mastercam to the latest installed version of Mastercam. There is a “Transition Guide” that will take you through the process.
This solution is to focus on migrating just the post processors.
While in Mastercam, go to “File” and go down to “Migration Wizard”

Choose the “Advanced” process.
Choose “Migrate shared mcamx files” it will default to “shared mcamx8”, but if you need a different version, click on “Browse…” in line with the “Source Folder” select the“shared mcamx#” folder that has the post processor you need. Do not select “Use source folder as destination folder”
After you proceed to the next step, you will choose the file types. Start by clicking on the box next to “File types” this will unselect all the other boxes, the select “Control Definitions”, “Machine Definitions”, and “Post Files”.
In the next step, just leave all the versions checked.
Before you select “Finish” you can see the break down of the Migration.
As Mastercam Migrates the files you may be alerted “A current version of the file being updated already exits” use your own judgement, but usually “Update and replace original file in destination folder” is a safe choice.
After that the post processor you needed to update, should be ready to use.

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