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Top 10 Tech Questions #6 High-performance Graphics Cards

By March 18, 2016No Comments

Mastercam is an extremely accurate software with a specific set of computer requirements to run. One of the most important of which is a high performing graphics card. Making sure the best performing card is turned on inside your computer is the next Tech Question we will cover! Keep reading to find out the technique we use to make sure our customers can accomplish this goal:

Below are the steps taken to set Mastercam to your NVIDIA card.
Right click on the desktop and choose “NVIDIA Control Panel”
Select “Manage 3D settings” from the list on the left if it does not come up automatically
Select the “Program Settings” tab
From the drop down, select X9. If you do not see the program in this list, follow the next step.
Select “Add” to add a program to the list.
Find X9 in the list of programs and “Add Selected Program”
Select X9 from the drop down. Then, set the program to use the High-performance NVIDIA processor (This option will only be available if your computer has multiple graphics cards)
Select “Apply” to confirm changes made

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