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Verisurf 2019 Public Beta Available for Download

By May 23, 2019No Comments
Verisurf 2019

Verisurf Software, Inc. is pleased to announce the Verisurf 2019 Public Beta, now available to current maintenance customers. Verisurf 2019 is an exciting, new version – with over a dozen major new capabilities and numerous other improvements. Verisurf 2019 is also the first release that will be available in seven languages including English, German, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish.


This is a unique opportunity for you to get an early look at the new version and explore all of the new features prior to the full, public release. Whether you’re using Verisurf for Inspection, reverse engineering, tool building, or assembly – you’ll discover something new (and special) in Verisurf 2019. We hope you enjoy this latest generation of Verisurf.


  • Your feedback is invaluable in helping us shape the final release. If you discover any deficiencies or would like to contribute other, helpful feedback while exercising the new version, please email your comments to
  • To download and install the Verisurf 2019 beta version, please visit
  • To see the complete list of new capabilities in Verisurf 2019, please download and review the Verisurf 2019 Release Notes (also located on the downloads page)

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